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Science Meets Shivers: The Intriguing Effects of the Søeberg Principle

Embrace the Shivers and Maximise Your Results

Ever wonder how cold therapy can be maximised for its health benefits? Look no further than the Søeberg Principle...

What is the Søeberg Principle?

Named after Dr. Susanna Søeberg, a pioneer in cold therapy research, this principle focuses on maximising the metabolic benefits of cold exposure. It emphasises allowing your body to reheat naturally after cold exposure, rather than rushing to get warm.

The Power of Shivering

Here's where things get interesting – shivering isn't just an annoyance, it's actually beneficial! When you shiver, your muscles release succinate, which further stimulates brown fat thermogenesis. Brown fat burns calories at a much higher rate than regular fat, contributing to an increased metabolic rate.

The Shivering Protocol

To maximise the benefits of shivering, resist the urge to huddle or towel off after cold exposure. Let your body reheat naturally. While this might sound tough (especially on a cold day!), it can significantly enhance the metabolic effects.

Cold Exposure

Recovery with Timing

Cold exposure can be a fantastic recovery tool after intense exercise. However, timing is key. Avoid cold therapy within 4 hours of training if you're focused on muscle growth or strength gains. It's better suited for promoting recovery or used before a workout if you're not prioritising hypertrophy.

At Revive Wellness Club, we take ice baths to a whole new level. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer ice baths as low as 2 degrees Celsius, providing the perfect environment to experience the benefits of cold water dipping and maximise the shivering response outlined in the Søeberg Principle.


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